The Ranchers- those big smiles make for squinty eyes!

The Ranchers- those big smiles make for squinty eyes!


It all started when...

.....I (Christine) realized that I had come far from my childhood upbringing in how I was eating, and it was taking its toll on my body!

I was born in Argentina, raised in Brasil, of British parents (when you hear me talk, you'll realize I'm a mutt as my accent is very confused!). Growing up, the majority of the grocery shopping was done at weekly farmers markets (paleo before we knew about a paleo diet). When I came to the States, I indulged in the American cuisine during my college and young professional career. In my early 40's, I started having digestive and adrenal issues. After several trips to doctors whose only remedy was medication, a visit to a naturopathic doctor led me back to cooking from scratch, healing my gut, and shopping for good, nutritious food. Once free of all the processed foods, my health issues almost completely went away.

Because I was making real food for myself, and I wasn't about to cook a different meal for my children, my children started getting sick less often, and in the case of my daughter, her asthma completely went away.

We are an example of how changing your diet can improve your health significantly!

Through a series of providential events, my kids and I ended up living on a little acreage. Not finding a local source of good, healthy food, I started a garden to grow my own produce. Then we had chickens so that we could have good eggs. Then we acquired a milk cow so that we could drink raw milk and make cheese. Then I got tired of mowing, so I purchased a few calves to grow for beef. Before we knew it, we had more than we could eat ourselves so I begged friends to take our overflow! And then these friends started requesting our products because they were seeing the health benefits in their families.

Consequently, it is our premise and goal at our ranch:

We are committed to making it possible for others to achieve the same level of good health we did, by raising our animals, healing our land, and also the families who purchase from us.

Are you struggling to find the products that will help you and your family live the best life possible?

Are you dealing with an auto-immune disease, diabetes, digestive issues?

We can help you with that by providing you with real, nutrient dense, healthy food that will assist in healing you and your family.

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Ranching in your service,