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Turkey Thigh/Leg Quarters $6.50/lb ** OUT OF STOCK**
For Thanksgiving only, thigh/leg quarter 1 per pkg
Turkey Breast $6.50/lb
A turkey breast with breast bone 2 per pkg, approx. 10 lbs/pkg
Ground Turkey $12.00/lb
1 lb pkg, white and dark meat
Turkey Wing Bones $4/lb
There's tons of meat on these wing bones so you can make a hearty stew out of them. 1-2 lb pkgs
Turkey Stock Bones $4/lb
2-3 lb pkgs
Turkey Necks $4/lb
1-2 lb pkgs
Turkey Feet $4/lb
1/2 lb pkg
Turkey Liver $4/lb
Liver will increase your iron levels!
Turkey Hearts $4.00/lb
1 lb package
No soy/no corn/no GMO pastured eggs $8.00/dz
Rack of Lamb $24.00/lb **ORDER FOR AUG/SEPT**
2-3 lb avg pkg, 8 ribs
Loin Chops $24.00/lb **ORDER FOR AUG/SEPT**
1" thick, 1/2-1 lb avg pkg, 2 chops/pkg
Lamb Sirloin Chops $24.00/lb **ORDER FOR AUG/SEPT**
1" thick, 1/2-1 lb avg pkg, 2 chops/pkg
Lamb Shoulder Roast $12.00/lb. **OUT OF STOCK **
2-3 lb avg pkg
Lamb Shoulder Chops $12.00/lb **ORDER FOR AUG/SEPT**
1" thick, 1 lb avg pkg, 2 chops/pkg
Ground Lamb $12.00/lb **ORDER FOR AUG/SEPT**
1 lb/pkg
Leg of Lamb $13.00/lb ** OUT OF STOCK **
3-5 lbs avg pkg
Lamb Leg Steaks $13.00/lb ** OUT OF STOCK **
1" thick, 2 steaks/pkg
Lamb Shank $13.00/lb **ORDER FOR AUG/SEPT**
1 lb avg pkg
Lamb Stew Meat $12.00/lb **ORDER FOR AUG/SEPT**
1 lb/pkg, cut from the shoulder
Lamb Kebab Meat $12.00/lb **ORDER FOR AUG/SEPT**
1 lb/pkg, cut from the leg
Lamb Bones $4.00/lb **ORDER FOR AUG/SEPT**
1-2 lb/pkg
Lamb Kidney $4.00/lb
Lamb Liver $4.00/lb **ORDER FOR AUG/SEPT**
Lamb Heart $4.00/lb
Lamb Fries $4.00/lb
Otherwise known as testicles, 2/pkg
Pork Chops $8.50/lb **ORDER FOR SEPT/OCT**
1 chop per pkg, 1" thick, .5 lb avg
Boston Butt Pork Roast $8.50/lb **ORDER FOR SEPT/OCT**
Pork Tenderloin $17.00/lb **ORDER FOR SEPT/OCT**
Pork Spare Ribs $8.00/lb **ORDER FOR SEPT/OCT**
Country Style Pork Ribs $8.00/lb **ORDER FOR SEPT/OCT**
Smoked Pork Bacon Nitrate Free $13.00/lb **ORDER FOR SEPT/OCT**
1 lb avg pkg.
Smoked Ham Nitrate Free $9.00/lb **ORDER FOR SEPT/OCT**
6-8 lb avg pkg
Ground Pork $9/lb
1 lb pkgs
Pork Fat $5.00/lb
Pork fat can be rendered into lard, and used in making sausage. 2-5 lb per package
Breakfast Pork Sausage- Mild $10.50/lb **ORDER FOR SEPT/OCT**
1 lb pkg, mild seasoning
Breakfast Pork Sausage- Hot $10.50/lb **ORDER FOR SEPT/OCT**
1 lb pkgs, hot/spicy seasoning
Cured & Smoked Ham Hocks $5.00/lb **ORDER FOR SEPT/OCT**
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At Senter Ranch, all our livestock are antibiotic and hormone free, raised on pasture that has not been sprayed with herbicide or pesticides.