It's been almost three months. I'm still recovering. I'm still angry.

I was home during the week recovering from whooping cough. I went outside to do chores, still sleepy from not having slept much due to the coughing fits. The turkey poults were about one month old and we had just moved them from their protected brooder inside our storage shed to their turkey tractor on the pasture. They had been out on the pasture for three days.

Slumberly, I filled the bucket with turkey grower and headed towards the turkey tractor. I must have been gazing at the horizon and sunrise because I don't remember noticing the tractor until I was upon it. I unhooked the power source to the electrical netting fence that surrounded the tractor and walked towards it. I'm pretty sure I did a double take. I'm pretty sure I said some expletive words. All fifteen of my poults were on the ground dead.

This had been the second attempt this year to raise turkeys. The first batch never grew to 3 weeks because a predator killed them while still in the brooder. After all the work we had done to keep this second batch alive and raise them until they got big enough to put on the pasture, some evil creature destroyed it in the blink of an eye!

I'm still angry.

We declared war on the predators! We installed a game camera. We spent a couple nights stalking for them with a gun. We did research and have installed solar red blinking lights. We left the radio playing on a local talk radio station during the night. We set out traps with cat food. Several traps. Many traps!

We are winning the war so far! We have a new batch of 10 turkey poults that are growing nicely on the pasture, and 4 less predators!

Raccoon in trap

Raccoon in trap

Possum in trap

Possum in trap

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