Tweens are such a joy....and hungry!

So the chicks have been moved from their brooder to their home on the pasture.

They are now almost 3 months old (about 2 months old in the photos above), and as you can see by the lack of green grass and how they are hovering around the feeder (it was feeding time), they are eating themselves out of their home! Not a blade of grass in sight!

While they are young/small, we like to keep them contained within the tractor (a moveable chicken coop) to keep them safe from predators. We move them as often as needed to make sure they have fresh 'greens and bugs' available at all times but these photos capture what happens when we haven't moved them! We end up with bare ground (which is a no no on this ranch- I had to fire myself, and then rehire myself after retraining!).

Once they get to about 3 months (so currently), we give them free reign within an electric fence to eat all the grass and bugs they want, and move them once they've had their fair share of the grasses. They do a wonderful job of keeping the grasses mowed, and I have frequently considered hiring them out to mow lawns during the summer!

Chicks out pecking at the grasses

Chicks out pecking at the grasses

I sent the above video to my mom to give her an update on how her chicks are doing (everyone knows how Granny's are about wanting to get updates on their 'babies'!). She called me back saying, "They are so grown up! And I loved hearing them!"

The chicks, soon to be hens, will start laying eggs in about 3 months. I know their "Granny" (my mother who helped settle them in as day old chicks) will be so proud of them!