Scrambled eggs leads to less achy joints

Lovey was teasing me the other morning about my bathroom visits in the middle of the night. He imitated me to look like I had wooden legs and arms. It was funny, and true. I'm pretty stiff when I get out of bed as there's not much spring in my step.

It was also a reminder that I need to increase the amount of turmeric I'm using in my cooking. I found out a few years ago how fabulous turmeric works on those achy joints. Simply fabulous!

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-oxidant benefits. When eaten with black pepper (which helps you absorb the turmeric), it can reduce the achiness you feel in your bones.

Turmeric does not add much flavor, especially when raw, so you can add it to many recipes (although it will turn most everything a strong yellow color). You can find fresh turmeric at your local health food store or Asian market. It looks like ginger, but it'll be orange if you break off a piece.

To make it easy for me to use the fresh, raw turmeric, I peel it, chop it (food processors are the best :-) ), and freeze it in thin layers between parchment paper on a tray or container. When I need it, I just break off a piece of turmeric. Easy peasy!

After a few days of making this recipe, I feel the spring in my step return! Why don't you try it, and let me know if you start feeling less achy?

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