Birthday gift!

Lovey is always bragging that he robbed the cradle when he married me, which I find humorous as I'm only 6 years younger than him. Six years is a huge gap when you're 18 and 24 years old, but not when your 52 and 58 years old. Why is that I wonder?

Did you see the new stamp that has been issued? :D

Did you see the new stamp that has been issued? :D

Anyhow, I have a birthday tomorrow. Growing up, my parents always made a fuss over us when it was our birthdays, and I did the same with my kiddos. Lovey is learning that I expect a big fuss over me for my birthdays, and I've made a fuss over his birthdays (especially his 55th). Celebrating another year of life is important, especially as we get older!

Lovey is working on a job out of town, so he won't be with me on my actual birthday, so I'll just have to make a fuss over myself tomorrow. (He did come home last weekend, and we went out to a nice dinner, came home to eat birthday cake and open gifts, so he's fulfilled his obligation :D)

Due to my own food allergies, I made a paleo chocolate cake (grain, gluten and dairy free). I scoured the internet for recipes, and this one hooked me with the ganache (who doesn't love ganache?). It was delicious! Lovey and I ate the entire cake that weekend!

So I'm going to make it again, and this time I don't have to share it with lovey! I'll eat it for breakfast, lunch, teatime, and dinner this weekend. That'll be my birthday treat!

And because I'm treating myself, I thought I'd give you a gift to celebrate my birthday by sharing the recipe with you. You must try it!

The ganache takes a long time to make, so I made it ahead of time. Also, the original recipe also stated that the cake may turn oily, dense and sink in the middle if you use Bob's Red Mill almond flour, and suggested using Honeyville's almond flour (which I did).