Don't throw your turkey carcass away!

I know! I know! The last thing you want to do is spend more time in the kitchen after you've slaved away roasting your delicious turkey, making the mashed potatoes, green beans, creamed spinach, gravy, pumpkin and pecan pies! But making turkey stock is so easy, you'll soon realize it took longer to prepare the main meal than it took to make the stock!

You can make this on your stove top, or your crock pot, or if you have one, your insta-pot (It's on my Christmas wish list!)

Once you taste your homemade turkey stock, you'll make it part of your annual Thanksgiving tradition! Not only is the flavor deep and rich, it's also good for your body and will help keep that winter crud away if you take a daily drink of it. Or use in soups or rice.

Turkey Stock.PNG

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