Four Healthy Things to Pack When You Travel

So I'm in a season where I'm having to travel quite a bit for my corporate work. I'm going on week #7 of having to take a flight to go into work, and live out of a suitcase and in hotel rooms all week.

I've become proficient in how and what I pack for these trips, especially as I want to stay healthy while I'm on the road. Everyone knows that finding healthy food while on the road is hard, so you have to take it with you! And being in contact with so many people in the airport and plane creates alot of exposure to any sickness that is going around.

With the amazingness of Amazon, that is possible! All of the items below I purchased from Amazon.

These four items have become a must have for every trip:

acv travel pack.png

These travel size, airline approved, 2 oz bottles of apple cider vinegar (ACV) are easy to pack into your carry-on.  I pour one of these into a glass of water and add some honey whenever I'm feeling parched, and it's a wonderful!

Did you know that ACV helps regulate blood sugar levels and improves skin health? When my schedule is hectic and I don't eat, I can feel the effects of low blood sugar, so I make sure that I keep ACV on hand. It also helps my skin from drying out when I'm on the plane.

chicken broth.jpg

I've written about the benefits of bone broth. With this crazy schedule, I haven't had time to make my own broth, so I make sure to pack my Keurig paleo bone broth cups so I keep my gut healthy while on the road. And they are tasty too!


I love many things from Trader Joe's, but my new favorite is their Nothing but Fruit & Nuts Date-Hazelnut-Cacao snacks. They are the perfect size to throw into your handbag or carry-on. Any they taste almost like a cookie, but alot healthier than one! When I'm running from one meeting to another, or need some sweetness while I have my glass of wine in the hotel room, these are perfect!

mini diffuser.jpg

And lastly, my mini diffuser has been essential in keeping me healthy. It fits nicely tucked into the corner of my carry-on with my essential oils (EO) case. I use it in my hotel room during the night with some Four Thieves EO to keep any sickness at bay!

When I have had a stressful day, I have been known to put in some Rosemary or Lavender EO to relax myself.

What I have yet to find is some travel size bottles of my favorite wine! Now that would make my packing complete!

Are you trying to eat healthier? Are you changing your habits to improve your wellbeing?

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