School is back in session so it must be broth time!

One of the things I enjoy about summer is that it's almost a pleasure to drive my commute because traffic is easy! I know immediately when school is back in session because the traffic situation is like night and day- it goes from easy to frustrating immediately.

So as we transition and adjust to the school schedule, let us not forget that this is an important time to keep our bodies healthy to combat the stress and germs of a hectic schedule and exposure to other sickness.

Did you know that drinking broth daily can help keep sickness at bay?

Bone broth boosts the immune system. Bone broth contains amino acids:

  • arginine which is essential for immune system and liver function

  • glutamine which helps with metabolism

  • glycine which aids in antioxidant production and quality of sleep

Bone broth contains minerals in forms that your body can easily absorb:

  • calcium

  • magnesium

  • phosphorous

  • silicon

  • sulphur

Bone broth has gut-supporting benefits and therefore supports the immune system function and healthy inflammation response.

  • collagen/gelatin and the amino acids described about help seal the gut lining and support gut integrity

Its just amazing how one simple little drink can be so effective in our bodies! It's a power drink!

If you have an Instant Pot, making broth is easy-peasy! Gone are the says of having to watch over the stock pot as it simmers over 12-24 hours. In just 45 minutes you can have healthy and delicious broth. Below is the recipe.

As always, what you eat is only as healthy as the actual ingredients, so make sure you use bones from grass fed livestock that haven't been exposed to chemicals or GMO feed.

How to use bone broth in your diet?

  1. Make a broth based soup like chicken noodle soup

  2. Cook your grains in it (rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat)

  3. Drink it in a mug (for breakfast, lunch or after dinner)

InstantPot Broth.PNG

Click here to print recipe.

With the Instant Pot and the different ways you can incorporate broth/stock into your daily eating habits, there's an easy way to stay healthy!