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So I've been focusing many of my posts on how eating good, clean, nourishing food can heal your body. But many of us have other issues with our bodies, particularly structural issues that cause us pain or limited functions.

I've lived with scoliosis since it was diagnosed when I was 13 years old. So that's 40 years of curvatures!

I used to joke that I had a hippy, baby carrying side, and then my flat, boyish side!

In the last 2 years, I had noticed that my curvatures were becoming more noticeable, and my clothes were fitting awkwardly. I was becoming more self conscious of myself.

I tried working with the chiropractor, but I'd had to keep going to get adjusted. The adjustments weren't 'sticking'.

I tried getting Rolfing therapy (a body massage working the fascia- the connective tissue protecting the muscles). I saw some change, but it also required going back for more therapy.

Through a series of events stemming from the farmers market, I met a brilliant young lady who works with postural alignment and who had scoliosis herself. She looked fabulous so I decided to work with her.

In one word, it was AMAZING! Like, life changing amazing! And it's only taken me 40 years to find it!

Here's a before and after of my front (5 weeks difference):


Here's the before and after of my back ( I didn't realize I was sporting a wedgy both times :D) :

Lindsey is teaching me Egoscue exercises that I can do myself, that will help me keep myself better aligned. The basic concept is that our bones don't hold our body together, but our muscles are what hold the bones together to form our structure.

Lindsey evaluates my posture and then has me work on existing or new exercises to address a particular postural issue. Then my homework is to do all the exercises daily until the next session.

I'm getting taught how to fix myself (lets face it, manhandling sheep, lifting 50 lb bags of feed, sitting at a computer all day at the office and weeding the garden are all repetitive activities that will affect your posture).

Each exercise is stretching and strengthening my muscles so that I can 'hold' my bones in their correct location.

And I can tell you that I can FEEL the difference when I skip a day and when I am diligent about getting the exercises in the daily schedule.

There's one particular exercise that brings me instant relief. When Lindsey first had me do it, I could barely keep the position as I was so out of balance. Quickly, it has become my go to when I feel that 'kink' in my lower back. And it's such a simple little exercise! It's standing pigeon-toed with my toes touching- AHHH...instant relief in my lower back and hips! (CAUTION: Every body has it's own struggles so what might work for me might not work for you. Please see a certified therapist that will work with your particular issues.)

I mentioned earlier that I was becoming self conscious of my body which was what propelled me to look for therapy. But after the first session, I realized that my scoliosis was affecting much more than the visual alignment of my body.

During the first session, Lindsey had me perform a few exercises. As I finished every exercise, she evaluated the effect on my body and asked me what felt different. After the second or third exercise, it occurred to me that I could breathe easier. The exercise had opened up my ribcage so that my lungs had more room!

It was AMAZING! I hadn't even realized I had any issues with my lung capacity before that!

Because of my curvature, my center of balance is on my right side and over my right leg. This means that my right knee and ankle bear the weight of all my body. I'd grown so used to this, it was such a surprise to me to feel 'weird' after the first few exercises during our first session when my center of balance shifted more to the center. My right leg actually felt lighter!

If you scrutinize my before and after photos, you'll see that my left hip dropped, that my right ankle has straightened, and that my right hand is better aligned (the before photo just shows the back of my hand but the after photo shows just my thumb and index implying that my shoulder rotated enough that my arm is hanging better aligned).

It was AMAZING! How cool is it that with just a few simple exercises, you can give your body much needed relief!

It's taken me 40 years to get my body into this shape, so my perfect alignment isn't going to happen overnight! But seeing and feeling the progress and results that I've achieved so far, I'm happy to do my exercises daily and thrilled to be in control of my body's posture!

So, not only can you heal your body with nourishing food, you can also heal your body with egoscue therapy!

Maybe this is the right time for you to heal your body?

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