When you try something new, you're going to learn something!

So I am SUPER pleased to share that we have a freezer stocked with ground turkey and turkey bones/necks/wings/feet! This is a new item for us and as with any new experience, we've learned lots!

Things we've learned by raising turkeys:

  • Turkeys poop A LOT! But the result is that they are putting a whole bunch of fertilizer into the soil when they do this and it results in lush, green grass.
  • Herding turkeys into their turkey tractor (movable turkey coop) is easier than herding chickens (who act spastic when you try to herd them).
  • When customers heard that we would have ground turkey for sale, they came by to visit me when they were at the market to check when we'd have it available. I love this, as I like to chat with my customers, but I also felt the excitement of being able to provide a product they wanted.
  • I learned from many of my customers that turkey was one of the few meats their digestive system could tolerate, so it fills me with great joy that I am able to help them by providing them meat they can eat.
  • I learned that mixing the white and dark meat in the ground makes for a moister meat.
  • Did you know that ground turkey and ground chicken have the same nutritional content?
  • Raw ground turkey, as with ground chicken, has a softer consistency that ground beef or pork.
  • I'm not a body builder (I get my strength by lifting 50 lb bags of feed and 100 lb lambs), but as I get older, I want to make sure that I eat the best protein to keep me strong. Turkey accomplishes that!
  • And lastly, I learned that my lovey does a fantastic job of taking care of things while I'm out of town on other business! I couldn't have gone through with this new enterprise without his help and advice/suggestions.

In the next few weeks, I'll be posting some new recipes

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