Essential Oils as Alternative Medicine to Nourish and Heal

I haven’t been to a traditional doctor (except for a dentist and dermatologist) in years.

Except for antibiotics in extreme cases, I don’t take any prescription medication. I’m not going to detail my reasons for my decision, but the quick explanation is I try to look at any issue my body is experiencing holistically (addressing the root cause not just the symptom), and ingesting a chemically derived medication with its list of side effects is not working towards putting my body back in balance.

I have been using supplements, herbs and homeopathy to treat any issues my body may experience.

But I’d never really used essential oils in treating myself.

About a year ago, a friend suggested I start diffusing some lavender essential oil in my bedroom to help me relax and fall asleep. So I did. And it worked!

So I started trying other essential oils in the diffuser, partly for the lovely smell they emitted, but also partly for the benefits they provide.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils.png

Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of the body, mind and spirit.

The essential oils from plants have particular benefits that will improve and heal your body.

As I mentioned, lavender is used to calm, relieve stress and insomnia and great to use before going to bed. I don’t leave home with out it when I’m travelling.

My other favorite is rosemary. I diffuse it when I’m irritated/frustrated, or stressed. It works almost instantaneously on me! I go from being frantic to calmness in less than a half hour!

I used eucalyptus and lemon a few weeks ago when I got a bad cold. It cleared up my sinuses and I believe it helped me recover quickly.

I have a small diffuser at my desk at work, and before a big presentation, I’ll diffuse rosemary, cinnamon and chamomile to abate my nervousness. (No matter how many presentations I make, I’m always nervous ahead of it!)

So when you’re feeling poorly or your room isn’t smelling as you’d like it, grab yourself a diffuser and a good essential oil, and start diffusing away! You’ll feel the difference!