A healthy and easy homemade gift for Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day this Sunday, I thought I’d share a quick and easy gift idea you can make with homemade ingredients.

You can cook the mother in your life some Senter Ranch pork sausage and Senter Ranch no soy-no corn no-GMO eggs for breakfast!

I’m sure your mother would love having breakfast cooked for her, but I think she’d much prefer something more personal.

As a mother myself, I know there were days that I would have given my children away for a nice relaxing time in a bath! (I never did give them away, and I don’t think I ever took a long, soaking bath while they were at home).

Now as an older mother, bath time has become more crucial for me!

After a day working in the garden or working the livestock, an Epsom bath is a MUST!

The high magnesium and sulfate properties in Epsom salts make it a wonderful relief for sore muscles and fighting inflammation.

Carving out alone time to de-stress, unwind and meditate in our busy schedule can be tough. Balancing family, work, and relationship obligations leaves little time to ‘indulge’.

But allowing our bodies and minds time to rest and rid themselves of toxins is essential to staying healthy.

We expose ourselves to toxins on a daily basis, from sources like pollution, processed foods and pesticides.

When we don’t release these toxins, it’s reflected in our health and the way we feel.

That’s where a detox bath become crucial!

Not only would you be giving the mother in your life some time to relax, get pampered, and de-stress, you’d also be helping her get healthier.

I’ve put together 5 detox bath salts recipes.

Make one or several recipes, and package them in a pretty glass jar with a lid.

When you gift the detox bath salt, make sure you carve out time for your mother so that the bath can be enjoyed!

bath salts.png

These bath recipes aren’t just for mothers! You too can enjoy them too!