Let's color beautiful eggs naturally! (Part Two)

Yesterday, I posted how I made natural dyes and let eggs sit in the dye for 24 hours.

Today, I’m showing you the results of my attempts at coloring eggs naturally.

Let's color eggs naturally!Part 2.png

The Not So Good Dyes

The avocado and elderberry were the loosers!

I should have strained the elderberry dye through a cheese cloth to catch some of the fruit meat as it created a coat on the egg and didn’t allow for the dye to do its job.

The avocado was supposed to make the eggs pink. They are slightly pink, but they needed either more time in the dye, or a more concentrated dye (ie more avocado or cooking time when making the dye).

The Good Dyes

Turmeric and red onion skins did a fantastic job! Look how vibrant the colors are.

I also like the muted colors of lavender and beets.

White, Brown or Green Eggs?

I love them all!

So there it is. I finally posted on dying eggs naturally!

I loved the surprise of the colors, so I’m going to try other dyes to see the results.

Cause we shouldn’t just dye eggs for Easter only right? It should be year round!