Cage Free, Free Range, Organic, ....What Does It All Mean?

All one has to do is go to the bigger, more affluent neighborhood grocery store and go to the egg cooler and be totally overwhelmed with all the different labeling options on the egg cartons.

At the Houston HEB when I'm in town

At the Houston HEB when I'm in town

At Whole Foods in Houston when I'm in town.

At Whole Foods in Houston when I'm in town.

It's truly overwhelming!

So, because inquiring minds want to know, I've created a simple table to differentiate them all.

At Senter Ranch, our hens are:

  • Pastured- roaming the pasture at all times, eating all the grass and bugs they come across, and never given any antibiotics or hormones.
  • Organic- we supplement with a no soy/no corn/no gmo feed (see here and here for an explanation on why we choose this feed).
    • Our pastures could be labelled organic as they haven't been sprayed with chemicals or herbicides in at least 5 years (the time I courted and have been married to my lovey), but we haven't pursued the certification.

Why do we raise the hens this way at Senter Ranch?

  1. It is our passion to provide healthy, nutrient dense food for our family and yours (the eggs you don't purchase end up being made into egg salad, mayonnaise, omelettes, etc... and eaten by the family)
  2. We strongly believe you are what you eat and digest!
  3. We have seen the benefits to our bodies, our livestock, and our soil by implementing these practices.

What should you do?

  1. Purchase from local farmer/ranchers.
  2. Know your farmer/rancher! Visit their farm/ranch and ask questions about their practices so you understand how they are raising the animals.

While I was at the store taking the photos of the different eggs available, I met Josh and Chris. They were both shopping for healthy eggs. I starting chatting with them and guiding them towards the best purchase. They were both excited that they could find fresh, local, heallthy eggs at Senter Ranch and are now customers!

Thank you Josh and Chris for supporting our ranch! We welcome you to our ranch community!

We'd love to share more with you!

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