6 Healthy Benefits to Eating Pastured Meats

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A Texas welcome to you! We are so pleased you found us. We believe in real food, for all people!

Are you looking for local. healthy meat and eggs to feed your family?

Are you looking for clean (hormone, antibiotic, chemical free) products?

Are you suffering from health issues and trying to heal your body?

Are you tired of reading the food labels and finding words you can barely pronounce, and wonder at how all these chemicals are affecting you and your family?

Do you or anyone in your family suffer from food allergies which makes cooking from scratch, with real food, a necessity?

Here at Senter Ranch, we have the same concerns and questions! We are passionate about providing grass fed lamb, pastured free-range eggs, pastured pork and pastured turkeys for our own family and yours! We take pride in never using antibiotics or hormones on any of our animals and never use chemicals or fertilizers on our pastures.

Senter Ranch can provide you and your family with healthy meats and eggs.

We know from our own personal experience how changing your diet can improve your health significantly. When we began to cook from scratch and return to a traditional diet, most of our health issues began to disappear and our energy increased!

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We have no soy/no corn/no gmo eggs, grass fed lamb, pastured pork, ground turkey, pastured bones and turkeys for the holidays.

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We are committed providing good, healthy food for our customers.

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